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Jillian Anderson-Rano
Conversational Spanish

Michel Chenelle
8th Grade Social Studies, 8th - 12th Grade Language Arts, Journalism

Aurelie Clivaz
Peer Counseling Instructor

Laura Corben
College Preparatory Art

Kate Craig
Independent Study, 11th/12th Grade Economics, 10th Grade World History

Wendy Copperfield
Library Coordinator

Billy Hetherington
Drama, Student Leadership, and School Counselor

Yvette Garcia
Culinary Arts Assistant

Scot Lamon
Special Education Instructor

Erin Mendoza
Choir Instructor

Melissa Miles
6th & 7th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Gaea Reid
6th & 8th Grade Science and Math

Lisa Shore
Physical Education Instructor

Sienna Reno
Middle School Art & Ceramics Instructor

Erin Vaccaro
Academic Counselor, 8th Grade Science, CP/Honors Biology, and Chemistry

Charlie Widner
Food Services Director/Culinary Arts Instructor