Sienna Reno - Middle School Art & Ceramics Instructor

Ms Reno is a local artist and owner of Expansion Prints. As well as running her own business, she also enjoys working in education. She has an Associates Degree in Child Development and has been teaching Art & Ceramics at the Willits Charter School since 2013.

Ms Reno was a former Willits Charter School graduate, and was one of our school's original student body in 2000. She continued her education focusing on Child Development and Ceramic Arts. 

Today she passionately shares the joys of learning by encouraging her students to question their "personal limitations". Try a new style or technique you never have before, experiment and find out what you can do with it. Then teach the rest of us about it!

She welcomes the challenges of teaching in the modern age, and is motivated by a commitment to bring creativity to formal education in order to inspire the current generation to realize their dreams.