Lisa Shore - Physical Education Instructor

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around...
— Leo Buscaglia

Ms. Lisa Shore has been teaching wellness and fitness for over 20 years before coming to teach Physical Education at Willits Charter School.


Her career in fitness started in the early 1990’s when she started teaching a “Fit Under 5” class at the local hospital based wellness center. In this class she taught children under 5 how to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Her class was so successful that she was asked to help develop and run a sports/fitness summer camp for school age children. The program enabled her to work with children ages 6-15 years old with a variety of fitness levels. She enjoyed working with children and their families so much it prompted her to open her own fitness studio on September 11, 2001, which she named Personal Touch Fitness.


Lisa had the pleasure of helping training children for the special olympic powerlifting team competition. When she wasn’t training her own clients, or taking care of her three children she training and competed in several powerlifting competitions herself all over Virginia. To her staying fit mentally and physically is a lifestyle that she wishes to share with everyone to make their life happier and healthy.  Lisa decided if she wanted to help her clients reach their personal fitness and nutrition goals she needed to study the field more, so she decided to get her Personal Training and Nutrition Certification from the American Fitness Professionals Association. After receiving her certifications Lisa opened a second gym named Denbigh Athletic Club, which was considered one of the largest athletic clubs in the community with over 10,000 sq ft.


When Lisa became a single mother of three children, she decided it was best for her family that she close her gym. She found a great job working at the local community mental health substance abuse center for children. Here she found other ways she could help the families in her community, by partnering with community members such as social services, probation and parole, schools, and mental hospitals she was able to offer the best possible resources to those suffering in the community. While at this job she incorporated her love of fitness and formed a fitness team with other coworkers in order to participate in the company fitness program. Her team came in first place for the first time in the history of the company's program. She was also responsible for training the entire staff verbal and physical crisis intervention skills, as well as being responsible for being an American Red Cross instructor training CPR and First Aid.   


Lisa’s passion to make a difference and help others lead her to going back to school in 2014 to get her B.S. in Substance Abuse Counseling from GCU. She is currently due to graduate in spring of 2018 and has managed to maintain a 3.56 GPA or higher throughout her college career, along with working fulltime and raising a family on her own. Is is important to her to be  positive role model and show that anyone can accomplish what they want if they work hard enough.


On February 12, 2015, she received a surprise that would change her life, a plane ticket to California. Lisa had a childhood friend that wanted her to come visit Northern California for a well deserved vacation. Lisa had never taken one before and figured with her children now being young adults with families of their own it was time to do something for herself. That visit would change her life forever, when Lisa returned to Virginia she put in her 30 day notice at her job, said goodbye to her family, and loaded her dog in her car and moved to Willits two months after her visit.