Kate Craig - Independent Study, 10th Grade World History, 11th/12th Grade Civics/Economics

Ms. Craig has been interested in history ever since she was young child. However, school was difficult for her because of a learning disability that made reading and spelling very difficult. For this reason she like more hands on approaches to learning. As a highschool student she participated in living history with the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the RACW. There she portraying the gold rush area and American Civil War, respectively, to groups of school children from around northern California. After graduating high school she attended College of the Redwoods in Eureka where she received two AA, one in Social Studies, focused in history and anthropology and one in transfer studies. She then transferred to Humboldt State University to complete her BA is History. While at HSU, Ms. Craig participated in the on campus branch of the SCA, a historical recreation group focused on the European Middle Ages. She is still an active part of the SCA to this day. She also was the President of the HSU History club and took the club to the AHA annual conference twice. She receiving her BA in History after writing her senior thesis on the social and cultural importance of women's bifurcated garments between 1845 and 1850. Ms. Craig then applied and was accepted into the HSU secondary education credential program. During her time in the program, she discovered that many students still have the same challenges that she faced with staff and other students understanding learning disabilities. After finishing her credential in Secondary Education Social Studies. She applied and was accepted into the  Special Education teacher credentialing program. In 2009 she graduated from HSU with a credentials in Secondary Education Social Studies, Special Education and Elementary Education. After graduation she was offered a job at Del Norte High School in Crescent City teaching a Academic support class for students with special needs. During that year she also got engaged and at the end of the school year she moved the Mendocino county to be with her future husband. She got a job working at Beachtel Middle School in the Counseling Enriched Classroom supporting students with emotional disturbances. After the birth of her son in 2012, she decided to take a year off of work to spend with her family. In 2013 she was hired at WCS to teach social studies. She now teaches high school social studies and is the Friday Academy Coordinator and lives in Brooktrails with her husband and son.

Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters...
— African Proverb