Erin Mendoza - Choir Instructor

Ms. Mendoza isa singer, voice teacher, and choir teacher in Willits. She teaches both choir and singing classes at Willits Charter School as well as private voice lessons. She also sings at both community and private events, including the Willits Variety Show, weddings, and memorial services. 

She has been singing her whole life and learning to sing has been an amazing journey for her. She went from being someone with very little self-confidence, to someone who has found herself and her voice through music. She believes that anyone can learn to sing; people just start their journeys from different places. 

Before deciding to start a career in music, she spent many years as a therapist, working with children, teens, and families, to help them overcome challenges and gain new skills. The parts she loved most about being a therapist were encouraging people, helping people build on their strengths, and watching people grow, to name a few. These are all things she loves about being a teacher too. It’s so much fun supporting someone as they improve skills and gain self-confidence, and she feel honored to be part of that process.