Aurelie Clivaz - Peer Counseling Instructor

Be the change you wish to see in the world...
— Ghandi

"I was born in Switzerland and spent my summers growing up with my father’s family over there and lived with my mom in California during the school year. The experiences of traveling back and forth my entire life has given me a unique perspective. I grew up as a quintessential high at risk youth. The day I left for college I made a commitment to myself to turn the tumultuous life I had lived into a learning opportunity. Ever since then I have been committed to taking the “mistakes” I had made as a youth and turn them into an ability to connect with young people because I understand where they are coming from. I am the emotional support counselor for Willits Charter School and also the Mendocino County Youth Project crisis counselor for all the junior high and high schools in Willits and Laytonville. I thrive on being able to wake up every day and empower youth to be the best person they know how to be.  I love training Capoeria (an Afro-Brazilian martial art), hip hop dancing, white water rafting and spending time in nature..."